JEOPARDY! Host Alex Trebek Announces Pancreatic Cancer Diagnosis

On March 6, Alex Trebek’s announcement of his stage 4 pancreatic cancer diagnosis sent shockwaves across Canada and the United States.  It has invigorated an important conversation about this deadly cancer and what needs to be done to change the statistics that have remained mostly unchanged for 40 years.  Click here to read more.


It’s been said that it is hard to raise awareness of pancreatic cancer because people who get it don’t live long enough. Creating awareness and informing the public about pancreatic cancer is paramount to making real change happen.  We are committed to raising our voices on behalf of those who can’t.

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2019 News

Executive Director Michelle Capobianco and former board chair and pancreatic cancer survivor Dr. Michael Clarfield spoke with CTV health reporter Avis Favoro about the need for more research and greater hope in the fight against this disease.”
To see more coverage of Michelle’s interview, click here. Toronto Logo Shining a light on pancreatic cancer: How a dearly missed TELUS executive inspired a wave of support for Pancreatic Cancer Canada –Toronto Star

2018 News

Mom pushes tests for deadly pancreatic cancer that may steal her future Christmases –CBC News Calgary

Zoomer Radio’s Fight Back with Libby Znaimer: Remembering Aretha Franklin with PCCF Executive Director Michelle Capobianco and musicologist Robbie Lane. – Zoomer Radio

Clinical trial results performed in Canada and France using mFOLFIRINOX have shown that patients who undergo surgical removal of pancreatic cancer cells lived on average,  20 months longer than those who received gemicitabine. – Global News

Toronto Academic Radiologist Appointed Chairman of Pancreatic Cancer Canada

 Challenges for Small Charities:  Pancreatic Cancer Canada joins a panel discussion in response to The Toronto Foundation’s latest Vital Signs Report – The Agenda with Steve Paikin (TVO)

Executors at odds with Cancer Society over how $2M bequest should be directed – The National Post

A pancreatic cancer survivor’s French-Canadian genes held the clue that helped save his life – Canadian Broadcast Corporation (CBC)

Canadian pancreatic cancer research team provides personalized medicine, new hope to patients – Terry Fox Research Institute

From doctor to patient: Montreal surgeon documents his battle with cancer as tables turn – Global News

2017 News

 Andrew Jones discusses his personal connection to pancreatic cancer and an awareness campaign to raise funds to battle the disease – Global News.

 Pancreatic Cancer Canada and Canadian Research Society today launched the first ever national research partnership to support PancOne – PCCF’s Pancreatic Oncology Network – Cision.

PancOneTM partnership offers hope that increased research funding will lead to higher survival rates of pancreatic cancer through early detection and improved treatment options. – Global News 

 Dr. Clarfield talks about how early detection of pancreatic cancer saved his life. – CTV News

Pancreatic Cancer Canada’s Executive Director, Michelle Capobianco and Dr. Michael Moore expatiate on factors that render pancreatic cancer as one of deadliest forms of cancers and how PancOneTM can influence a change in the current statistics through collaborative research into effective treatment options for early detection. – Breakfast Television.

 The Executive Director of Pancreatic Cancer Canada, Michelle Capobianco and Dr. George Zogopoulos discuss the World Pancreatic Cancer Coalition meeting in Montreal, highlighting the program’s events and relevance to PancOneTM. – Global News

It might be the deadliest form of cancer, however, a link between BRCA mutations and particular chemotherapy drugs could improve survival rates. – Globe and Mail

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PCC's Executive Director, Michelle Capobianco sheds more light on Ask A Doctor, an online Q & A service provided by Doctors treating and researching pancreatic cancer.

To celebrate World Pancreatic Cancer Day, Laurie Ellies talks about the arduous battle and continuous struggle with research into pancreatic cancer.

Pancreatic cancer treatment doctor, Dr. Jim Biagi recommends the approval of Folfirinox for the treatment of pancreatic cancer in light of its recent success rates.

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