Libby Znaimer

We are very fortunate to have Canadian journalist and pancreatic cancer survivor, Libby Znaimer, as our National Spokesperson and a member of our Board. She approached us shortly after finishing her treatment and asked how she could help us raise the profile of this devastating disease.

One reason this cause gets so little attention is that there are few survivors to tell the tale. Libby has been instrumental in putting the spotlight on both pancreatic cancer and our foundation and the results have been amazing in terms of increased profile. She recently wrote in her column in Zoomer Magazine that “I was surprised and thrilled – I don’t think I’ve ever done anything that has reaped results so quickly”.

“I don’t think I’ve ever done anything that has reaped results so quickly”

— Libby Znaimer

About her

Libby Znaimer is a prominent Canadian journalist specializing in health, the arts and lifestyle issues. After working in television broadcasting covering business and politics for two decades, she joined MZ Media in 2006. She serves as Vice-President of News and Information for both Classical 96.3FM and AM740. She is also producing and hosting The Zoomer Report, a special feature on all topics of interest to the baby boom generation; everything from health and wealth, to leisure and volunteerism, from the special vantage point of the generation that has changed society in its wake. Libby also writes a regular column for Zoomer Magazine.

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