Our Family

Thousands of Canadian families are impacted by pancreatic cancer every year, and in 2007 ours was one of them. However, this disease picked a formidable opponent in Michael! Though it was the fight of his life, our dad/husband stayed positive and active during his recovery, still seeing patients at his sports medicine practice and participating in the daily life of our family! We received overwhelming support from family, friends, patients and colleagues, and Michael credits this support for his becoming one of the very fortunate 7% of people who survive this awful disease. The fear of losing him was very real and we know that as a family, we are one of the lucky ones.

The Clarfield Family Survivorship Fund is a way for our family to celebrate Michael’s long-term survival with extended family, friends, colleagues and members of our community. As a family we have become steadfast supporters of the Pancreatic Cancer Canada Foundation (PCCF), and advocates for the need to accelerate research for a cancer that has been drastically outpaced by advancements in other cancers. In addition to Michael’s leadership as Board Chair of PCCF and now Past Chair, we have become a family of dedicated fundraisers and donors fighting pancreatic cancer together.

Through this Survivorship Fund we are celebrating the possibilities of life after this devastating disease by inviting others to join us in enabling research that will lead to positive outcomes for pancreatic cancer patients that otherwise might not share the good fortune we’ve had. We invite you to support our fund and join us in making this life-changing difference.

Our Impact

To date, the Clarfield Family Survivorship Fund has raised $676,000 for pancreatic cancer research.

We support the critical research being conducted by the Pancreatic Canadian Oncology Network (PancOne™), the first research network of its kind dedicated to advancing pancreatic cancer knowledge and treatments by bringing together Canadian researchers from coast to coast. Under Michael’s leadership as Chair of PCCF, PancOne™ was created in 2016, assembling experts at key medical centres across Canada. The founding tenet of PancOne™ is to work collaboratively to eliminate duplication of research so a cure can be found. We feel strongly that because of PancOne™, critical breakthroughs are on the horizon.

Click here for more information about PancOne™.

Flow Through Shares

One of the ways we choose to make our annual gift to Pancreatic Cancer Canada is by using the PearTree Canada flow through donation format which significantly reduces your after tax cost of giving to 15% or less for personal or corporate donors. Please contact: Robin Turack at (416) 613-3848.

Clarfield Family Event

Over several years our family has organized and supported many events increasing awareness and supporting pancreatic cancer research through PCCF.

Compete for the Cure™ is an annual high school dodgeball and basketball tournament founded and organized by Lauren that has raised nearly $600,000 for pancreatic cancer research in the last five years. Compete for the Cure™ promotes pancreatic cancer awareness, encourages physical activity, and raises critical funding for pancreatic cancer research. We are so grateful to the many family, friends and colleagues who have supported this important event over the years.

We look forward to the 6th annual Compete for the Cure on May 5, 2019.

We invite you to consider supporting our family fund and celebrating the possibility of greater pancreatic cancer survival.

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