The Estate of Bob Clark has challenged us to reach a goal of $100,000 by matching your donations all month long. When you donate beginning May 1st, your gift will be DOUBLED and the impact it makes on our understanding of this disease and how to treat it will compound. There has never been a better time to give!

About Bob Clark

Bob Clark and his legacy are well known in Kingston and beyond.

Together with his wife Myrna, Bob was the owner and operator of Aunt Lucy’s Dinner House, St. Lawrence Cruise Lines, and the Worthington Park mobile home in Kingston’s north end. He was a two-time recipient of the Businessman of the Year award and his impact on the Kingston area reached far and wide. His success was only exceeded by his kind heart and generosity.

Although he had no children of his own, he was described as a family man through and through. Mr. Clark was very close to his nieces and nephews, namely his younger brother Jim’s children, Shilane and Jason. The social causes that were important to them, were important to him.

After Bob passed away in 2016, his nephew Jason and good friend Wally Viner became the co-executors of his estate. When Pancreatic Cancer Canada ran our #AssumptionsCanBeDeadly campaign in 2017, Jason and Wally reached out to our CEO Michelle Capobianco. They were inspired by the campaign’s bold message that our patients deserve greater progress, more time and survival. In learning about Bob and his estate, we came to understand very quickly the significance of his impact in life and now in his legacy.

Bob’s desire to leave the world with more hope and goodness than when he found it is evident in the exceptional generosity he showed through his estate. Pancreatic Cancer Canada is humbled, honoured and determined by the inclusion of pancreatic cancer as one of the many ways he will continue to change this world.

An Opportunity to Double Your Impact

This challenge comes at a critical time in the fight against pancreatic cancer. With decades of slow progress and staggering statistics that are not changing in pace with any other cancer, we are in a race against time. 92% of patients diagnosed will not survive beyond five years; half of those within four months. It is an overlooked and vastly underfunded cancer – the result is a rising death rate. Pancreatic cancer is projected to be the 2nd deadliest cancer by 2030.

We are committed to deepening our understanding of this disease so that faster diagnosis and more targeted treatments become available to patients. Our goal is to turn more patients into survivors and this giving campaign will be instrumental in funding the research to make this happen.

Please consider giving generously to Pancreatic Cancer Canada during the month of May so that your donation not only doubles in value but also in impact.

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