In Honour

When a loved one is fighting pancreatic cancer, many people want to do something to make a difference in the name of the person they care about. On this page, we invite you to create a space to make a donation in the name of your loved one, and invite others to show their support as well.

Your contribution to our efforts brings us ever closer to greater understanding of pancreatic cancer, faster diagnosis and improved treatments and care.  Together, we will save more lives and change the outcome for those who are diagnosed with this devastating disease.

Honour A Loved One

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Create an In Honour Page

Show love and support to a friend or family member by creating an In Honor page in their name. An In Honor page includes an ecard with each donation, notification of a donation and a personalised link to the page to share with others.

Find an In Honour Page

There are many ways to encourage a friend or family member fighting pancreatic cancer. When you show your love and support by making a donation on their In Honour page, you are letting them know that you are in this fight together.

Honour The Loss of a Loved One

Create or Search for a memorial page that celebrates the time you spent with your loved one before their passing. You can share their stories, pictures and interests by setting up a memorial page or simply donate in their memory.

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