Research Partners

Pancreatic Cancer Canada is focused on fighting pancreatic cancer with a goal to improve overall patient survival rates.  As one of the most deadly cancers facing Canadians, there is great urgency to act now.  We believe that we are strongest when we are coming together with like-minded organizations, standing shoulder-to-shoulder in solidarity.

In 2017, the Cancer Research Society (CRS) joined Pancreatic Cancer Canada Foundation as an allied partner in this fight against pancreatic cancer.  As an active funder of cancer research across Canada, CRS understands the dire state of pancreatic cancer and what must be done to change the outcome. 

Our national partnership is the first of its kind, with a goal to raise $1.6 million by 2019. Investing in our PancOne network, this partnership will support ground-breaking developments in earlier detection, better and more targeted treatments and ultimately, increased survival rates for pancreatic cancer

Currently the fourth leading cause of cancer death and on track to become the second, pancreatic cancer research receives just 2% of all caner-directed funding.  The time is now to raise our voices and demand better.  

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