Pancreatic Cancer Canada Research Network

Pancreatic Cancer Canada has launched the first multi-disciplinary research partnership between major cancer centres across Canada. PancOne™ is designed to maximize the expertise and unique clinical and research infrastructure already existing to ensure there is no duplication of research.
The first project that will study clinically relevant metastatic pancreatic cancer subtypes and has the potential to dramatically impact the clinical management of pancreatic cancer by optimizing individual treatment strategies, and helping to direct new drug development, thereby improving overall pancreatic cancer survival.

Pancreatic Cancer Canada Research Partnership:

In 2017,   Cancer Research Society (CRS) joined  Pancreatic Cancer Canada Foundation  to support  PancOne™ research , a first of its kind partnership aimed at raising $2 million within 2 years. Continue reading

Centres of Excellence:

  • Princess Margaret Cancer Centre
  • BC Cancer Foundation
  • McGill University Health Centre Foundation
  • University of Calgary
  • QEII Health Sciences Centre Foundation


Supporting Centres:

  • Kingston Health Sciences Centre
  • The Ottawa Hospital

This partnership will build on the infrastructure available in Canada including expertise in clinical trials, metastatic pancreatic cancer management, familial pancreatic cancer, cancer genomics and state of the art tumour sequencing facilities at the Ontario Institute for Cancer Research (OICR) and BC Cancer Agency Genome Science Centre (BCCA GSC), in order to define clinically relevant metastatic pancreatic cancer subtypes, understand mechanisms underlying sensitivity and resistance to chemotherapy, and facilitate precision medicine approaches.

This study will be available to patients with advanced pancreatic cancer, and will involve tumour biopsies, molecular analysis of the cancers, and ongoing close monitoring for response to therapy. In addition the molecular analysis information will be used to direct subsequent therapy tailored to specific characteristics of that specific cancer.

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