Wellness Support

Are you interested in helping others on their cancer journey?

We understand that a diagnosis of pancreatic cancer, either as a patient or as a loved one, can be emotionally overwhelming. Talking can help. Talking with someone who has been there before, can help ease those emotions. Talking with someone who is both comforting and non-judgemental, can make you, or your loved ones, feel less alone, and feel better.

If during your cancer journey, you wished that you had had someone to talk to, perhaps this is your opportunity to help the next pancreatic cancer patient or loved one who is struggling under similar circumstances.

We are inviting applications from people in the Greater Toronto Area who have experience with pancreatic cancer (as a patient or caregiver/family member) to volunteer for peer support roles.  These volunteers will be trained by Wellspring staff and will help provide front line care and support to those who need it the most.

If you are interested in applying, click on: Pancreatic Cancer Peer Support Volunteer Application that will take you to a form on the Wellspring website.  All applications will be reviewed and managed by Wellspring, including a secondary screening and training.  For any questions on the volunteer program, please email: pcps@wellspring.ca.

About the Program

A diagnosis of pancreatic cancer is devastating to families.  People are most often diagnosed in crisis and that is where they remain for the duration of the disease.  This takes a toll on the whole family unit.  Until now, there has not been a customized wellness support program in place for people affected by pancreatic cancer.

Pancreatic Cancer Canada approached Wellspring in 2017 to discuss how we could work together to create such a program for those who are so intensely affected by this horrible disease.  Wellspring is a well-established program of support for families living with cancer and as the experts in delivering such care, we began our partnership.  In Summer 2018, the pilot for this program will launch in the Greater Toronto Area.  During the pilot, we will evaluate the program to help us plan for a broader roll-out across Canada in 2019.  We are now recruiting volunteers for the Peer Support roles.  See below for more information.

*Learn more about Wellspring: www.wellspring.ca

This webpage will be updated with details about how to access the support program when it launches in June 2018.  Check back regularly and be sure to follow up on our social media: facebook, twitter and instagram for updates.

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