Allied Partners

Real change does not happen in a vacuum. That’s why we work together with likeminded organizations to work together to achieve our shared goals, creating a better future for patients and their families. 

Cancer Action Now

Pancreatic Cancer Canada is a member Cancer Action Now; a national alliance of patient organizations, professional associations and life sciences companies. Together, we call on the Canadian government to address the issues in our cancer care systems so that Canadians with cancer have a chance to live longer, better lives than anywhere else in the world.

New Normal, Same Cancer

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, cancer diagnoses have declined by about 40%. This isn’t because people aren’t getting cancer, they’re just not being diagnosed. We understand that people experiencing cancer symptoms may be reluctant to see a doctor right now, but cancer doesn’t wait and neither should you.

In most cases, pancreatic cancer isn’t detected until it’s more advanced, so listening to your body and talking to your physician is more important than ever. If you are experiencing any of the symptoms of pancreatic cancer make an appointment with your doctor today. 

World Pancreatic Cancer Coalition

We continued our leadership as the foremost Canadian charity within the coalition, collaborating with pancreatic cancer organizations from around the world to advance awareness and understanding of this disease.

Union for International Cancer Control

Pancreatic Cancer Canada joined the UICC, the cancer arm of the World Health Organization, in 2019.  In doing so, we became the first and only member focused solely on improving outcomes in pancreatic cancer.  We are extremely proud to be a voice for the pancreatic cancer community around the world, advocating for early detection, better treatment options, and greater access to approved therapies for this disease.

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