It’s time to raise the rate of survival.

It’s time to raise the rate of survival.

Pancreatic cancer has taken too many lives, far too quickly. Enough is enough. We’re dedicated to fighting the world’s toughest cancer. And that means instead of feeling sorry, we’re attacking pancreatic cancer on all fronts: research, awareness, community activation and advocacy. So save your sympathy and help us work to save lives.

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Don’t tell someone with pancreatic cancer you’re sorry. Help save their life.


Leslie McBride first thought his exhaustion was a result of his job as a firefighter captain. What he eventually discovered was that this vague symptom was actually the first warning sign of pancreatic cancer. Unfortunately, Ontario is one of many provinces that does not currently recognize the disease as a presumptive risk for firefighters.

The Increased Pancreatic Cancer Risk Firefighters Face

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NOVEMBER 19, 2022

Axe Pancreatic Cancer


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