Documenting Your Legacy

Looking back, accomplishments in personal and professional lives are often not afforded appropriate recognition. Whether it be a prominent career, or a life dedicated to public service, many families wish to preserve stories and memories that convey important family history for future generations to come. Kinwood empowers clients to recognize their legacies and celebrate their lives.

The following content can be a useful guide to organizing your thoughts as you try to conjure distant memories and reflect upon your life.


How to organize your thoughts

For many people the task of encapsulating one’s life is a challenging exercise. Here are categories to help:

Personal Milestones


  • Childhood
  • Early Jobs
  • Education Experiences
  • Relationships / Children
  • Career / Service Highlights

Places Lived


  • Homes of Note
  • Cities
  • Memorable Vacations
  • Favourite Road Trips
  • Cherished Places with Kids

Values & Attributes



  • Beliefs
  • Spirituality / Religion
  • Personal Philosophy
  • Health & Wellness

Culture & Recreation


  • Musical Tastes
  • Favourite Artists
  • Favourite Cuisine / Restaurants
  • Recreational Activities
  • Personal Style

How to capture content


While there are many companies on the internet that can help you compile an online memorial- there are also many familiar tools available for support.

Write it down

Capturing your thoughts via the written word can be therapeutic for many. Whether in a notebook, on a computer, or even just typing it up on your phone, documenting your thoughts this way has great value.

Use PowerPoint/Google Slides/Keynote

Odds are that someone in your circle has some experience in using one of these common slide builders. This is an easy way to combine photography with written material that family members have contributed. These slide builders combine ease of use and flexibility to organize and reorder content.

Video Recording

Today, many mobile phones can capture high quality video and audio. Stories, personal messages, or recorded video from special locations are several ways that you can capture personal content with a mobile phone. Keep in mind that video content files can be large and become difficult to share.

    Professional Help

    Kinwood produces beautiful family films and projects that become important heirlooms. 

    Examples include:

    Kinwood film: These cinema-grade films can incorporate personal interviews, historical photos and videos, news clippings, artifacts and more. Part history, part memories, a Kinwood film is a generational family gift.

    Spoken word project: Whether it’s to share life lessons, impart wisdom, to make peace, or to just have the last word, a Kinwood spoken-word project is a chance to capture your reflections in your own voice on your own terms. Kinwood will sit with a client for a 2-hour filmed interview, and guide a discussion based on the clients reflections.

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