For several months the COVID-19 crisis has caused many research projects to slow, but Pancreatic Cancer Canada’s research program has not been idle. We have taken this time to quietly prepare for our next big project, because even in the midst of a global pandemic, pancreatic cancer patients don’t have time to wait.

This month we are seeing the diligent planning of our research community come to life with the launch of our latest research investment: NeoPancONE. 

NeoPancONE is a phase II clinical trial that aims to be a curative strategy for resectable pancreatic cancer. This trial takes a neoadjuvant approach to treatment, which means that patients will receive chemotherapy before surgery to shrink their tumour and again after surgery to kill any remaining cancer cells.

The impact of this trial will be significant and far reaching. In addition to the neoadjuvant treatment, researchers will measure a potential biomarker called GATA6 – a gene identified during our past research investment in the COMPASS trial as one that can help identify pancreatic cancer subtypes. By measuring this potential biomarker, researchers will help doctors understand which patients will respond best to this treatment, learn more about the aggressiveness of this disease and ultimately save more lives. 

I invite you to learn more about NeoPancONE and consider joining us on this incredible journey by making a donation to this critical research. With your help we will raise the rate of pancreatic cancer survival, together.

Michelle Capobianco
Chief Executive Officer
Pancreatic Cancer Canada