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It’s been said that it is hard to raise awareness of pancreatic cancer because people who get it don’t live long enough. Creating awareness and informing the public about pancreatic cancer is paramount to making real change happen. We are committed to raising our voices on behalf of those who can’t.


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Alex Trebek’s Death and the Need for Reseach

Alex Trebek's Death and the Need for Innovative Research: 900CHMLPancreatic Cancer Canada CEO Michelle Capobianco speaks with 900CHML host Scott Thompson about Alex Trebek's passing to stage IV pancreatic cancer, the need for public awareness and understanding of the...

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Access to Pancreatic Cancer Treatments Newstalk 1010

Access to Pancreatic Cancer Treatments: Pancreatic Cancer Canada CEO Michelle Capobianco Speaks to Newstalk 1010 Michelle Capobianco, Chief Executive Officer of Pancreatic Cancer Canada, speaks with John Moore of Newstalk 1010 about the bureaucracy that prevents new...

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Spotlight: Pam Kosolofski

Community fundraiser adapts amidst global pandemic Dedicated. Resilient. Compassionate. These are just a few words that describe Pam Kosolofski, a steadfast champion of progress for pancreatic cancer patients – even amidst a global pandemic. Each spring, Pam organizes...

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