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It’s been said that it is hard to raise awareness of pancreatic cancer because people who get it don’t live long enough. Creating awareness and informing the public about pancreatic cancer is paramount to making real change happen. We are committed to raising our voices on behalf of those who can’t.


Our quarterly newsletter, The Survival Guide, is a resource for the latest in pancreatic cancer research, support services for patients and their loved ones, and stories from change-makers across our community.

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The Stage II Project

PCC Chief Executive Officer, Michelle Capobianco, shares her experience with stage II thyroid cancer alongside the experiences of stage II pancreatic cancer patients, raising awareness for the vast difference between a highly treatable cancer and the world’s toughest.

SIIP Chapter Seven: Prognosis

Chapter Seven: Prognosis Thursday, June 30, 2022   A couple weeks ago I had my radiation therapy, which involved two consecutive days of injections from my doctor, followed by the last major aspect of my thyroid cancer treatment: receiving my single dose of...

Chapter Six: Symptom Management

Chapter Six: Side Effects and Symptom ManagementMonday, June 6, 2022   I am in the process of preparing for my upcoming radiation treatment, which will happen this week. While the concept of taking a pill to eliminate any remaining cancerous thyroid tissue sounds...

SIIP: Caregiving During Covid

Caregiving During Covid Monday, May 2, 2022   After several weeks of waiting, I finally received the pathology results from my thyroid, which thankfully indicated that the cancer had not spread. It was truly a relief after all that time waiting through the delays...

Chapter Five: Chemo and Radiation

Chapter Five: Chemotherapy and Radiation Monday, April 11, 2022   It has been over five weeks and I am still waiting for my pathology results, which continue to be delayed because of Covid. While the not-knowing weighs heavily on me, I am still working,...

Worry While We Wait

Worry While We Wait Monday, March 28, 2022   It has been just over three weeks since my thyroidectomy. I was able to go home the day after my surgery with some pain medication and simple instructions to stay out the shower for 24 hours and to try not to speak for...

Chapter Four: When Surgery is an Option

Chapter Four: When Surgery is an OptionTuesday, March 8, 2022   Late last week I was finally able to have the balance of my thyroid surgically removed. My surgeon performed a partial thyroidectomy, which removed the rest of my thyroid. It was a very safe, short...

Current Barriers to Cancer Care

Current Barriers to Cancer Care Tuesday, February 22, 2022   About a week ago I was scheduled to get an MRI as part of my regular screening for breast cancer recurrence. However, for the third week in a row, protests against vaccine mandates dominated the...

Chapter Three: The Importance of Second Opinions

Chapter Three: The Importance of Second OpinionsTuesday, February 8, 2022   My oncologist next said I needed to see an endocrinologist to discuss options.  I didn’t want to have that discussion as I knew which option I wanted.  I wanted to have the other half of...

Chapter Two: Driving Their Diagnosis

Chapter Two: Driving Their Diagnosis Wednesday, January 26, 2022   Before the holidays I shared about the vigilant monitoring that led to my thyroid cancer diagnosis. Concurrent with chronicling my own stage II cancer journey, I am eager to share the experiences...

My Thyroid Cancer Diagnosis

My Thyroid Cancer Diagnosis Friday, December 16, 2021   As more people hear about my recent thyroid cancer diagnosis, I have been asked how it was discovered. In a routine physical five and a half years ago, my GP detected an abnormality in my mammogram that led...

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