Peer Support

Get the help you need from someone who understands.

A pancreatic cancer diagnosis can bring a lot of overwhelming emotions and stress, often leading to feelings of isolation and uncertainty. We understand the importance of having someone to talk to about what you’re feeling – someone who has personally experienced what you’re going through – whether you’re a patient, caregiver or loved one of someone fighting this disease.

Pancreatic Cancer Canada has partnered with the cancer support experts at Wellspring to create a specialized program for our community that offers Peer Support and Short-Term Counselling specifically geared towards those experiencing the unique impact of pancreatic cancer. Our peer support volunteers offer a caring, comforting, non-judgemental ear to support you and your loved ones through this challenging time, all free of charge.

Peer Support Volunteers are specially trained and available to connect with you from the comfort and privacy of your home, either over the phone or via videoconference. During the conversation, you will be invited to share your story, your circumstances, and express any concerns and feelings you might have. Peer Support Volunteers can also offer additional resources, arrange for access to a counsellor, or other supportive care programs that may be beneficial to you based on your needs, interests, and location.

You need help with everything. Every minute of every day, you’re thinking, ‘how am I going to get through this?’ But you do. Somehow you do. And the only people who really understand are the people who have been through it already.

Pancreatic Cancer Patient

Peer Support Participant

Examples of what our Peer Support Volunteers can help you with:

  • Emotional needs​
  • Information on nutritional needs​
  • Concerns around pain or symptom management​
  • End-of-life issues or care information​
  • Support or communication with children​
  • Bereavement support
  • Other issues or stresses you are experiencing

If you feel this type of support would be helpful to you, please complete a short contact form by clicking on the button below or by calling 1-877-499-9904, to quickly and efficiently schedule your appointment with a Pancreatic Cancer Peer Support Volunteer.

Your Experience Can Help Others

If you’ve been a pancreatic cancer patient, caregiver or loved one of someone with this disease, you have a very specific experience that could help others impacted by pancreatic cancer for the first time. You know the stress and anxiety that comes with this diagnosis, and what a benefit it is, or would have been, to have someone to talk to who understands. You could be that person for someone else.

Becoming a Peer Support Volunteer provides you with a meaningful way to help others through a challenging time and positively affect your own life while supporting others. The program is flexible for volunteers; easily adapting to your schedule and how active you can or want to be. If you have personal experience with pancreatic cancer and are looking for a meaningful way to give back, this is a great opportunity to help those feeling the anxiety and isolation of this devastating disease.

Interested in reading what it’s like to be a Peer Support volunteer? Read Joel and Debrah’s story.

Additional Resources


We are proud to share the stories of members of our community, including those who dedicate their time and experience to help others through our Peer Support program. Hear directly from volunteers on the benefits of our Peer Support program by clicking the images below. 

In our partnership with Wellspring we have collaborated on a series of helpful videos specifically geared towards pancreatic cancer patients, caregivers and family members. These videos offer information from experts to help you in your day to day of living with or supporting someone with this disease.

Coping Strategies for Living with Pancreatic Cancer

The Good Enough Caregiver

With thanks to Servier for their support of our patient community through an unrestricted educational grant.

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