Compete For the Cure™: A Story of Champions

When Lauren was in grade eight her father, Dr. Michael Clarfield, was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Faced with the one of world’s toughest cancers, Michael and his family put up a hard fight and were relieved when they realized he would be among a small community of survivors. Four years later, Lauren decided she wanted to make a difference, and organized the first Compete For the Cure event. As the years go on, Lauren’s goal for the event remains the same, to: ensure that more families are able to see their loved ones survive a pancreatic cancer diagnosis. It’s been six years now, and thanks to Lauren and Dr. Clarfield’s tireless work, the event has grown both in funds raised and participants year over year.

This year’s event took place on Sunday, May 5th at the HoopDome and brought together over 300 high school students from across the greater Toronto area and raised a record breaking $203,000 for our PancOne™ research network. A big thank you goes out to the participants, sponsors, donors and the entire Clarfield family for their support.

For more information or to get involved with Pancreatic Cancer Canada, please contact:

Julia Yu,
Senior Manager, Events and Business Development or (416) 548-8077 ext. 1001