Gift of Securities

For donors who currently have stocks and bonds, giving a gift of securities is a great way to make a significant difference in the lives of pancreatic cancer patients and their families. From funding next-generation medical research to providing support for caregivers and families, your gift to Pancreatic Cancer Canada will impact Canadians in communities from coast to coast.

Donating Securities

Donating securities is a convenient way to give that offers favourable tax benefits for donors. As returns on investments increase over time, those capital gains are taxable, except if you choose to donate such investments directly to a registered charity. By donating securities directly to Pancreatic Cancer Canada, you avoid capital gains tax and are eligible for a tax receipt for the fair market value of your gift. Not only does this method of giving offer smart financial solutions, it can represent a meaningful investment in pancreatic cancer research and care.

PearTree Financial

Make your donation go further by giving a gift of securities through PearTree Financial. An after tax cost of giving of less than 10% of the donation amount can be achieved using the PearTree format. Donations by private companies are equally tax efficient. 

PearTree professionals actively work with you and your investment advisors to maximize gift size and speed of pledge fulfillment. PearTree manages the process in its entirety ensuring the full pledge amount without any net fee to us.

To further understand how it works, check out this helpful video from PearTree Financial.

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