Every year the small but mighty and determined 7 Days In May group cycles around Lake Ontario to raise awareness and funds for critical pancreatic cancer research. New to this year’s event was the Ernst & Young 50KM Challenge; a one-day ride for novice cyclists that have always been interested in supporting the event.

The 7 Days In May event was founded by the Townley family after they lost their mother Lorraine Townley to pancreatic cancer in November 2011. While sipping a Christmas Eve scotch later that year, Gord Townley came up with the idea of creating an event that would honour his mother’s memory and fight and help raise awareness and funds to fight pancreatic cancer. As a cyclist, Gord saw the obvious link between a challenging riding event that would require some preparation, and endorsing a healthier, more active lifestyle. Fred, Gord’s brother in law, had the notion to ride around Lake Ontario the next summer, and the idea behind the event was born.

Nine years and lots of work and fundraising later, 7 Days In May continues to grow and demonstrate how one family can make such a large impact in the landscape of pancreatic cancer research. We are thrilled to announce that this year, 7 Days in May, together with a $25,000 match from the Estate of Bob Clark, raised a total of $189,000 for pancreatic cancer research! A big thank you goes out to the participants, sponsors, donors and the entire Townley family for their support.

For more information or to get involved with 7 Days in May, please contact Julia Yu, Manager, Events and Community Development at
jyu@pancreaticcancercanada.ca or (416) 548-8077 ext. 1001