Moving Forward – Richard Dri

When a person loses their spouse to a fast-moving disease like pancreatic cancer, they may have many questions and concerns about the road ahead. Particularly when it comes to revisiting financial plans and retirement goals.

Richard Dri is a father of three, a CFP, and a senior wealth advisor who specializes in wealth management for widows/widowers. After losing his wife to cancer in January of 2020, Richard began using his professional expertise to help the bereaved to plan for their future and find financial security.

We are pleased to share his blog series, ‘Moving Forward – Tips for bereaved spouses’ to help our community work through the unique financial challenges that may arise after the loss of a spouse, partner, or loved one.

Richard Dri: Retirement Planning for Widows and Widowers

Retirement Advice for Widows and Widowers The death of my wife Mary meant the loss of my best friend and the end of many of my retirement plans and goals. During the first few months after becoming a widower, grief prevented me from updating or even thinking...

Richard Dri: Their mom died. Who will take care of our kids if I do too?

Their mom died. Who will take care of our kids if I do too?As a recent widower, I was worried sick. Would my children be covered if I wasn't there?  The passing of my wife Mary filled me with grief – but gave me the impetus to ensure our three children would be...

Richard Dri: 8 Retirement Income Sources for Widows

Eight Retirement Income Sources for WidowsExecutive Summary: When I meet a widow or widower for the first time, the question I often hear is “Richard, will I be okay—financially?” Here are my eight pro-tips for possible retirement income sources. They include life...

My Widowed Money Podcast

In an effort to empower the widowed community through financial literacy, Richard and his co-host Palma Polesel have created a safe and reliable place to obtain information about life after the loss of a spouse. Listen to the My Widowed Money podcast to hear Richard share practical financial knowledge and stories from his widowed point-of-view.

Ask An Expert

A pancreatic cancer diagnosis can bring unique financial considerations along with it. It is normal to have questions about this disease, and we are here to help. Our free Ask An Expert program will connect you with a team of specialists that can help you make informed decisions about pancreatic cancer.

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