My Thyroid Cancer Diagnosis

Friday, December 16, 2021


As more people hear about my recent thyroid cancer diagnosis, I have been asked how it was discovered.

In a routine physical five and a half years ago, my GP detected an abnormality in my mammogram that led to my breast cancer diagnosis, and a lump on my neck which had been there for at least a few years and which, quite frankly, I thought was fat. The symptoms are: pain or persistent cough, changes to the voice or difficulty swallowing or breathing. If you have any of these symptoms, please contact your doctor.

In my case the lump was benign and under 1cm. We agreed to monitor it annually. This year the lump suddenly grew to 5.2cm and the resulting biopsy was not clear. I opted for a partial removal of my thyroid and the cancer was discovered.

As I am fortunate enough to be symptom-free and full of energy, I am looking forward to traveling to see loved ones over the holidays. This is not the case for many in the pancreatic cancer community. To everyone battling this disease, caring for a loved one, or missing someone dear to them, I want to say I see you and I am fighting for you. If you need support over the coming weeks (or anytime) remember our Peer Support program with Wellspring is free to use and available from the comfort of your home. You are not alone.