What We Fund

Early Detection and Screening

Most pancreatic cancer patients are diagnosed at stage IV, which is why survival rates for this disease are so low. There is still very little known about the causes of pancreatic cancer and there are currently no effective screening tests for the disease.  That’s why we are: 

  • Funding innovative research to find new and novel ways to detect the disease at earlier stages. 
  • Raising awareness about the signs and symptoms of the disease among the general public and healthcare professionals.  
  • Advocating for access to genetic testing for people at high-risk for the disease. 

With each investment and each endeavour, we aim to shift the narrative around pancreatic cancer from the well-held notion that it is a death sentence, to it being a treatable and survivable cancer.  

Improved Treatments and Novel Approaches

While we work to challenge the status quo and invest in innovative projects that will change outcomes, we are keenly aware that 90% of people diagnosed with pancreatic cancer will die – and often in immense pain, suffering and distress. We believe that taking on the urgent challenge of this disease requires inventive solutions. That’s why we are:

  • Funding innovative research into new treatments for the management of opioid-resistant pain in patients with advanced-cancer.  
  • Leading a Palliative Care Knowledge Translation project to directly address the education gaps and access issues in palliative care which have long-affected pancreatic cancer patients.  
  • Taking a stand in support of our community with high-impact alliances and campaigns that address issues like occupational cancer risk for firefighters and better access to life-saving drugs including improvements in the Canadian drug approval process and affordable access to treatment.  
  • Leading meaningful conversations about end-of-life choices.

Programs & Services

A pancreatic cancer diagnosis brings overwhelming emotions and stress, leading to feelings of isolation and uncertainty. Pancreatic Cancer Canada is committed to ensuring patients and their families have access to the specialized care and support they need at every stage of their cancer journey. Our Patient and Family Support Program offers:  

  • Peer Support and Monthly Support Group– these programs connect patients and caregivers with peers to share their personal experiences with pancreatic cancer.  
  • Short-Term Counselling – connects individuals experiencing pancreatic cancer with a trained counsellor to help navigate the emotional and psychological toll of this cancer.  
  • Ask An Expert – a team of medical specialists that provide suggestions to help people make informed decisions about care and treatment options for this disease. 
  • Resources and information – we provide online resources, including videos, downloadable pdfs, webinars and more to help people navigate their cancer journey..

Awareness and Advocacy

Despite being the third leading cause of cancer related deaths in Canada, pancreatic cancer continues to be significantly overlooked. We raise the profile of this disease by educating the public about its symptoms, risk factors, and the importance of early detection.

Through our strategic partnerships and national awareness campaigns, we aim to challenge the status quo and ultimately improve outcomes for pancreatic cancer patients across Canada.

Our Impact

Our Impact Reports are a celebration of your collective support, which remains pivotal in driving change for pancreatic cancer outcomes. They illustrate the tangible progress made and the promise of continued advancements; all made possible through the shared commitment of individuals, businesses, and organizations alike.

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